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EDUFLY School Management Software Is
Fully Managed Online Software.

The school has become more than just a place to learn at the moment. It has always been a place for the preparation of filled child. Modern technology has improved the process of personal hygiene and communication school. EDUFLY School management software is a tool that has facilitated the school's way of communicating with parents and students. This is an economic means of communication, practical, practical and easy to use in educational institutions. The Administration has a good school is very rewarding and challenging. This business can be challenging and the challenge, but this is a very potential resource for financial stability and security. The capacity of the company is still not known to many people. To improve the function of business schools, the use of innovative tools and programs to monitor, manage and maintain your service and your business in General.

EDUFLY School Administration Software: What Is It?
EDUFLY School management software is an application that included a large database system. Application can be used effectively to manage the daily activities and operation of the school. This software keeps track of every transaction. In addition, with the help of this software, schools can electronically store all kinds of information: data on employees, students, staff, strategy and policy, teaching and more.

Now, it's become easier for school administrators to share entries that are stored in the database. They can also control, control and filter information and documents will be disclosed. Therefore, there is no issue of confidentiality or secrecy. School information exchange occurs only among authorized users and members. By using the software, the school administration can search, find, and recover all types of recordings and also generate reports very easily. The best feature is the new functions of the update always occurs in this application.

Characteristics Of School Administration Or Management Software:
Students, Parents, Teachers, and school administrators can have equal access to the software administration. The main characteristics and the characteristics of this management program are:

  1. Report and monitor attendance, grades, and student records.
  2. Manage demographics students.
  3. Distribution of progress report grades students.
  4. Update event, scheduled activities, and also the calendar of the like.
  5. Allow teachers or parents to use the messages and chat online.
  6. Handling of documents, files, statistical tables & school reports.
  7. Offer health monitoring, counseling, and reception service.
  8. Give the book values online.
  9. Tell students about some current events.
  10. Personal and group email to students and parents.
  11. Publish and remember homework and homework students.

Top 21 Reasons to Choose EDUFLY:

  1. Single system for School/College/University or All together
  2. Courses Management with and without semesters
  3. Complicated modules are made easy with Drag and Drop option
  4. Create and manage Time table on fly with flexible print options
  5. Generate own timetable for Staff/Student with print option
  6. Lesson plan management and tracking with detailed report
  7. Offline, Online and Scheduled exams support
  8. Student promotions(promote, detained and course completion), attendance management
  9. Graphical marks, attendance reports for individual and class
  10. Custom fields Bonafide, TC certificate generation
  11. Id card generation with multi template options
  12. Library Management System with multi asset types
  13. Separate module to generate and print class wise students with given no. of empty columns for administration purpose
  14. 7 Type of users (Owner, Admin, Staff, Student, Parent, Librarian, Asst. Librarian)
  15. Free/Paid Exams and Exam Series with detailed time analysis on each question
  16. Free/Paid Learning management System like video portal and downloadable items
  17. Dynamic multi lingual system
  18. Support for 7 types of questions
  19. Negative mark exam support with difficulty level
  20. Messaging, Notifications, Feedbacks and many more...
  21. Drag and Drop features

Courses & Batches

Student Admission

Fees & Finance

HR & Payroll

Time Table & Attendance

Exam & Report Card

Customizable Dashboard

Biometric & RFID Setup

App For staff & Parents

Student Life Cycle

Staff Lesson Plan

Transport Management

Inventory Management

Online Exam

Library Management


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