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Staff Computer Recording Software.

SYSTEM SHIELD is India's unique Employee Computer Activity Recording, Monitoring Software. This is the only software that STOPS your staff doing illegal-unwanted-personal activities in office. SYSTEM SHIELD Controlling Cum Office Fraud, Cheating, Unwanted Computer Activity, Cyber Crime Eliminating software. SYSTEM SHIELD records everything in a PC/Laptop in multiple kind of formats such as snapshots, images, HTML, PDF, audio, video, text, graphics, Documents etc.

It’s works 100 % confidentially. Your office staff will never come to know that SYSTEM SHIELD is running on their computer and recording-monitoring-capturing all of their activities & works every moment. SYSTEM SHIELD Starts working in background at start-up and without informing people working on computers. Even computer experts or hackers or maintenance people cannot trace this software. fully applicable to all businesses and industries of any length. Stop, control and manage your staff doing unethical, illegal, unwanted & personal activities in office.

SYSTEM SHIELD records, captures, monitors and controls all activities of staff such as any type of fraud-cheating-illegal activity done, email received-sent, programs opened/used, text typed & keyboard used, internet used, websites-portals-social sites visited, porn-adult websites/videos watched, used Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social sites in office hours, confidential files like quotation-bills-buying price list tampered/ changed/ deleted/ shared, data hacked, cyber crime done, network computers used, Softwares-Applications uploaded/downloaded, folders and files copied/stolen on CD-pen drive, chat conversation made, personal work done in office hours, games played, Video CDs/DVD watched, viruses entered purposely and all other major/minor computer activities. SYSTEM SHIELD also captures conversation of staff confidentially so that you can get idea about your staff that what they are thinking about you and your company.

With SYSTEM SHIELD you can easily restrict, control and eliminate all unethical, illegal, unofficial, harmful and unwanted staff activities and make your office safe & secure. Your staff can’t do their personal work on office. Also stop them watching porn websites, social websites, gaming websites, making chats, playing games and all other legal or illegal activities that should not be done in office.

Other features in SYSTEM SHIELD include anti-hacking systems, locking & restrictions, drives & USB locking and digital evidences removal.

SYSTEM SHIELDis very useful for companies and organizations that are getting problems of confidential data transfer, wastage of working hours, net surfing, and time spent on personal activities by their staff members. With SYSTEM SHIELD, employer can effectively monitor employees during their working hours and can experience the enhanced efficiency and increased output at work. It is the perfect Computer Activity Recording, Monitoring, Capturing software that keeps tracks of every activity including currently running applications, porn sites visited, social websites visited, typed keystrokes, websites visited, list of the file(s) uploaded / downloaded, opened / closed windows application, chat logs, internet activities and much more.

No doubt, SYSTEM SHIELD improves the employees’ productivity and removes the risk of security breaches in our office area. But, hard evidence is vital to identify and prove the disloyal employees. Keeping such situations in mind,SYSTEM SHIELD is designed to save all the recorded activities for future references. It is beneficial in situation of staff disloyalty where saved activities act as prove evidence for any legal proceedings.

Major Benefits of SYSTEM SHIELD :

  1. To stop employees doing fraud, cheating and unwanted activity in organization.
  2. To stop employees doing cyber crimes, data hacking etc in office.
  3. To stop leakage of important data, confidential business secrets and financial information.
  4. To stop employees spending hours on chatting, social websites, music, videos in office.
  5. To stop employees doing personal work in office hours.
  6. To stop employees watching porn-adult websites, vulgar movies & CDs/DVDs.
  7. To stop employees visiting gaming, gambling, shopping, matrimonial and other time-consuming websites.
  8. To stop employees doing illegal and unethical activities.
  9. To increase work productivity and potential of employees.
  10. To understand mentality, behavior, faithfulness and mindset of employees.
  11. To stop copying /transferring /sharing /uploading /tracing confidential matters of organization.
  12. To stop data hacking, email hacking, computer hacking in organization.
  13. To get employee activity reports in tens of different formats including voice.
  14. To know what employees are thinking about his/her company, employer and clients.
  15. To disclose the truth with official evidences as and when required.
  16. To get employee's daily activity reports via email & on mobile.

Major Features of System Shield

Recording in Snapshot-Images-HTML Formats

SYSTEM SHIELD records, monitors & captures all activities made by employees in snapshot and photograph formats with exact date-time-user name. Using this report, company owners can easily monitor all good ,bad, legal and illegal works done by their employees.

Keypressed & Mouse Used Register

SYSTEM SHIELD records all activities made by keyboard and mouse. Records email body of employees,their password , accounts data, data entries, chats made, personal works done and all other activities made by keyboard & mouse.

Website Visited Register with Restrictions

SYSTEM SHIELD records, monitors & captures details of websites visited by employees. Get exact idea what your employees are doing in office using internet. SYSTEM SHIELD also offers to allow or block websites to stop employees using nonsense or unethical internet activity. It’s easy now to stop employees visiting social websites, gaming sites, music sites, movies, chatting in office hours.

Voice & Conversation Recording Register

A very powerful feature offered by SYSTEM SHIELD. Record conversation made by your staff. Know what your staff is thinking about you and your company. it’s easy to understand now who is uploading their resumes, who is planning to do something illegal or who is not faithful to company.

Chat Conversation Details

SYSTEM SHIELD records, monitors & captures details of all chats they do. As per a world’s leading research institute, employees spend 25 % of their time in making chats during office hours. Stop and eliminate all these nonsenses instantly and increase your office productivity.

Get Employee’s Daily Activity by Email in Inbox & on Mobile

No need to visit staff computers if you want to check their daily activities. Get an automatic mail in your inbox/mobile to learn about the work or ethical/unethical activities done by employees. Check their recordings in your free time.

Stop Employees using Social, Video & Game Sites in Office

Stop your employees visiting Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, job sites, gaming sites in office hours. Employees spend lots of time on such websites and it directly affects your business. You are not paying them to watch such things in office.

Software Used –Application Used-Files & Folders Used Register

Get exact report about softwares, applications, files, folders etc used by employees. That too with exact date-time-user name. This report is very important to check working productivity of employees.You can easily understand if employees are uploading/ deleting/tampering /copying /transferring important files- folders-accounts data-important emails-confidential information of company.

Stop Employees Watching Porn Sites in Office

Let us clarify first that you are not doing any crime if you record passwords of your employees. It’s your basic right to know what your employees are doing in office and that too using office computers. This feature is very useful when employees leave company without intimation and owner is not aware of email password or application password.

Get Passwords of Employees

One of the biggest nuisance in today’s world is visiting porn & adult websites. There are millions of porn websites available on the web and it requires just a keypress to access them. SYSTEM SHIELD provides powerful and strong features to block such things. Do not compare this feature with hardware or software firewall. A firewall is not the solution to eliminate such things. Stop your employees watching such websites, porn videos and porn stories.

Locking of Important System-Level Options

Lock features and sub-features of Microsoft Windows or MS-Office or other system-level applications to add more security in your office. Stop employees doing personal research. You are not running “Earning & Learning Scheme”.

Voice & Conversation Recording Register

Lock USB drive, partitioned hard disk drive, CD/DVD Drive or floppy drive to eliminate misuse of your important data. Stop employees copying/leaking important data of your company if they are willing to do so.

Get Details of Email Received & Sent by Employees

Get details of emails received or sent by employees. Also get details of emails if they send or receive personal emails. Once again we would like to inform that you are not doing anything wrong recording activities of employees. You have full rights to monitor what happens in your office, in your own computers and by your own employees, and that too in office hours.

Employee Faithfulness Register

A very powerful report offered by SYSTEM SHIELD to check faithfulness of employees. You can reward your faithful employees and reject others using this.

Send Alerts & Fake Messages to Employees

You can use this feature optionally. Send alerts and fake messages instantly if your employees are doing unethical or illegal activities. They will get a message on desktop mentioning someone is watching them and unwanted activities will be stopped on immediate basis. You can disable this option if you do not want to use it.

Stop Your Employees Doing Cyber Crime in Office

Please get aware of the fact that if any cyber crime or computer/internet/email related crime is done in office then you may have to face legal proceedings as you are the owner of your office computers and intellectual properties. SYSTEM SHIELD reports are so professional that you can use them as evidences as and when required. Also note that employees download pirated software, keygens & cracks and illegal digital material frequently which are also criminal activities. Use SYSTEM SHIELD and save your company.


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